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The international Vanda Negin Mantra company started to work with trust in God to develop exports and imports by academic and applied methods based on work experiences and science knowledge and complete recognizing of bank and commercial system of Iran .

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Our Services

Specialized export of Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron specialized exports to various countries as well as providing needs of the domestic market by good quality goods approved by international inspection companies with standard health certificate.

Export of all types of pistachios.

Export of all types of pistachios,pistachio nuts and pistachio .slice to different countries

Export of all types of spices

Export of all types of spices to different countries

Export and import of permitted goods

Export and import of various permitted goods required in domestic and foreign markets.

Our motto

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Iranian saffron, always unique and original in the world.

Vanda Negin Mantra

We are proud of our trust in providing the best quality service in your favorites

Vanda Negin Mantra

Modern services and high-quality products Vanda Negin Mantra

Vanda Negin Mantra
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First floor , No.49, Boloukat street, Ayat street, thirty yards NARMAK street, Tehran.
Telefax: 77958000
Cellphone: 09125445117
Email: info@ vnmi.co

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